Mosh Pit Series

Music is more than itself. It’s a feeling, a connection, a lifestyle, and a culture. From the lyrics we sympathize with to the sounds and instruments we emotionally connect to; we become a family with our home as a music venue. We come together and share the same extraordinary passion for music as the songwriters and musicians that perform on stage. We all represent the energy, passion, creativity, and excitement of music. The Mosh Pit Series puts this part of the music community on the front lines.


Concert photography has become extremely extensive in the music industry. There are so many photographers, so many shots of bands on stage playing to crowds of thousands of fans, and so many of them are looking for the perfect picture of the concert they went to last week. It’s difficult to make your work stand out above everyone else. The Mosh Pit Series does because  it is completely unique to the music scene as it captures a completely different, but important,  side of the story.

When fans scour the internet for photos after a show they went to, instead of finding only solo shots of the lead singer, they are finding images that recreate their moments in the pit. They get to visualize the overwhelming feeling of passion, love, and connection that they felt during that show. The music community is now the focus of our camera lens, and the photos have never looked better.

Be sure to follow the series for  updates,

Next: Vans Warped Tour 2016

*Written By Emma Guido. Check out more of her work here

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